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Mobdro - It is a slim and clean application that searches the web for free videos streams and T.V broadcast.We can stream videos,Movies,sports news and T.V shows using this Mobdro online T.V without a satellite dish. Mobdro apk is originally developed for android mobile devices this app will work and almost any android smart device including Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Micromax, Motorola etc.

Mobdro is one of the best entertainment apps on the planet today because this app continuously updated by their developer. New videos and T.V channels update and regularly Does Mobdro App Compitable with Windows users will get new and fresh videos every time these open this app.

Download Mobdro for Android

Download Mobdro Apk For PC/laptop, on Windows:

Mobdro Apk windows OS (Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 7) is officially not available but with little more effort, we don't need to worry because running Mobdro Apk on windows PC/Laptop is possible. First, we need to download any android emulator such as blue stacks Droid 4x. Android etc in our computer. That will allow us to run any Android Game or apps running on a computer with windows OS.

Pokémon GO Apk Download Free Latest Version 0.79.4 for Android Devices

An augmented, location-based reality game, Pokemon go is free to download and play. This special game is developed by Niantic for Android as well as iOS devices. Nintendo and Niantic’s association Pokemon go was developed. The best part of the game which is unique is that the player needs to get out and roam around if they desire to become a true Pokemon trainer. Pokemon go apk download can be done easily from Google play store or from various other links provided on many websites.


Pokemon game for android device

Pokemon go apk download is very easy for players which can be done in few minutes. Players need to install or Pokemon apk from online sources. They need to locate the file present in their smartphone and then install the same.  Once the installation is complete, a message is displayed on the screen. The app is then found out in the app section of the smartphone. The players just need to open the app and initiate the game. The game is multiplayer and also possesses real world adventure. The player can target and throw a poke ball. For players who are unable to catch them, it can run away. Players can have fun and enjoyment by playing this gaming application with friends.

Download Safari Browser for Windows, Android Free Latest Version

Today the world has gone digital. Every information you need is available online. But to explore this digital information you need a gateway. And this gate way is provided by browsers. Well, Windows has been a market leader when it comes to Operating Systems. And we all have our past memory of using Internet Explorer as our first internet browser. But with the advent of time Microsoft has also improved its browsing experience by implementing various necessary features in to its browsers. Now Microsoft’s edge has some very advanced features that really makes it a show stopper! But wait, Apple is not far behind in the race. How to get Safari Browser for Windows, the default browser of the Apple devices is for sure the favourite due to its excellent features and ease of use.

Safari is much faster and energy efficient than its counter parts. Safari syncs with iCloud such that you can browse seamlessly across all the Apple devices. Below are some of the excellent features of Safari that you can’t afford to miss.

  1. One action Snapback: you can instantly jump back to the original page even after you have made several searches forward. Suppose you are searching on something on Google and you clicked on a bunch of links without getting the desired result then you can get back to the first page from where you started your search by clicking the orange arrow button on top right corner which saves a lot of your efforts and time.
  2. No unwanted videos: Safari prevents playing the automatically playing videos that diverts your attention. While browsing on some critical information such automatically played videos are very distracting, Safari saves you from this inconvenience.
  3. More refined privacy and security: the intelligent tracking prevention system in Safari does not leaves the trail of your browsing behavior behind. This prevents the unwanted adds that you are forced to see everywhere while you are browsing. Safari provides Sandboxing for websites. That means any harmful code on a website is confined to a single browser tab, that ways the browser doesn’t get crashed due malicious code one web page. Your other tabs will keep on working as usual.
  4. Private browsing: Safari has a weak memory for our own good. Don’t worry! This is to keep our browsing experience very private. Safari forget the page that we visit, our search history and the Auto fill information. The in built search engine DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you and makes your web search a private one.
  5. Surf seamlessly: No matterwhich device you use your password, bookmarks, history, tabs and reading list are always up to date all because of iCloud. Safari comes not only for Mac but also for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch too.
Safari Browser for Windows

Safari gives you the best browsing experience as it enables you to surf smarter and easily manages and share over various platforms without any special efforts. But Safari Windows production has been stopped by Apple.


One of the most difficult skills to have in modern times is IT skills. There is a dearth of people who have theis skills. IT presents lots of opportunities for people but for one to fit into the IT world, you must have several technical skills. You must be good at dealing with people and have more than the fundamental technological skills required to thrive in the sector. One of the things an organization looks for when hiring an IT professional is that they want someone who can develop the way they work. They want someone who will be able to provide solutions to their network problems. You will have to analyse the way their network works and make it suitable for the company's needs. This is what makes an IT professional unique. This will enable you tackle problems as soon as they occur. If you are interested in taking up IT as a career, you must understand that it is more than just computer training. Computer trainings is basically to help you function. Becoming an IT expert means you need more. It means you need to learn a lot of things that are more technical than a basic computer training. To become an IT expert, you must be knowledgeable about the various types of computer hardware.

The IT expert should be familiar with smart phones and tablets. These devices are becoming important in the way business are run today. They have been included in the field of IT service. IT personnel must be conversant with all type of software. This will enable them tackle all software problems of a computer. Superior knowledge will enable him identify if a problem is a spyware or a harmful Trojan horse program. Most of the businesses we have today maintain websites to help them connect with their customers. So it's important that an IT expert understands web applications and site development. This will enable you help the business solve basic problems that may arise from the website. Problems that can affect business. Knowing the procedure and connectivity of the websites is still more improtant than website designing for an expert. IT is alone becoming more important in the storage of data and it's management.. An IT expert who is more adept in information security will always be considered for top IT jobs. New areas like cloud computing offers opportunities for those with top skills in information technology. The basics of IT has been highlighted above. A career in IT will increase your value to your business community. You must be familiar with the various brands of computers that has been recently developed. You must be patient enough to get a complete understanding of the fundamentals of information technology You must be able to know things about older hardware systems that are still in use today. The older technology evolved into what we have now, so having an understanding of older hardware systems make it easier for you to understand the new hardware systems being used now.

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Technological advancement

Technological advancement is growing in an astronomical manner. This makes it difficult to remember the kind of life we lived when old technology is in vogue. For example, the Walkman gave people an opportunity to listen to music and even read audio books on the go.

The presence of social

The presence of social has also revolutionalized business. Now a company headquarters can connect with its offices around the globe using technology. Meetings can be held with surbodinates and fellow staffs without them being present in the same room by a man named Paul eisler.

The most amazing

The most amazing thing about technology is that we can use a single device to do so many things .This advancement in technology is made possible by inventors and scientists whose dreams are to make life better. The first printed circuit boards(PCB) was created in 1936.

To understand how

To understand how far technology has taken us, If a person who fell asleep in the 70s is woken up, they will be amazed to see the kind of things we use. They simply won't be able to believe it if you tell them all the functions of an iPad. They made it possible so we can live better lives.


    They were big and heavy but with time, technology was able to make them smaller The compact disc soon came and the Walkman was forgotten. It was the same way the MP3 player replaced the CD Walkman. Improvements in technology enabled us to enjoy more music stored in albums in devices that are smaller and easy to carry around. In marketing, technology has also made it easier to reach out to customers. The use of Bill boards to display images, run commercials are ways technology has made life easier. Many firms now interact with their customers in various social media platforms, engaging them In discourse which provides valuable feedback on the company's products and services. This invention became the template that created the first Walkman many years ago. Inventors have continued to look for ways to improve the things we use everyday to make them better.

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  • In sports, the use of goal line

    In sports, the use of goal line technology has improved the quality of refereeing. Videos showing whether the ball has crossed the line can be shown within seconds. This helps the rafters to make informed decisions. Communication is The impact of technology can be seen on how the inventor of the radio was almost sent to a mental hospital because no one could get a grasp of the concept of radio waves and it's effects on communication. This later became one of the technology that changed the world. The next time you get a new device with improved technology, don't forget the inventors and scientists working round the clock to improve our lives. We now live quality lives based on the things technology has given us. Better cars, improved building techniques, equipments that make cooking easier, washing machines, efficient home appliances like TV, air conditioning systems, gas burners and others.

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  • 3D TV can be used for a lot of things both in our personal and professional lives. In diagnostic medicine, it's usage has changed a lot of things. A two dimensional X-ray can not be compared to three-D scans which enable the doctor to see internal parts of the body.

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  • three dimensional TV is already popular and will still be a winner in the years to come. It's coming was predicted for years. Three -D scans enable the doctor to see broken bones, tumours, foreign objects, blockages, wounds and other things. Even before the person is prepared for surgery.

    John Smith
  • Zoologists and vet doctors can look up the internal workings of animals that are exotic or endangered species. Three-D can help scientists like physicists to examine complex processes that would be difficult to analyse using two-dimensions.

    Micheal Frank

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