Dentistry, microbiology, manufacturing, aviation and even agriculture, the use of three-D TV is changing the way we view things and helping us to become better at what we do. If this is used with scanning technology that works real time, 3D TV can enable doctors see the physical processes that take place in humans in real time basis. Engineers can use it to make a visual of the things they want to design and build. 3D TV can also be used in nanotechnology to aid it's development. It is a useful application that is useful to scientists and engineers. Entertainment especially gaming will gain a lot from 3D TV. This is because the images in modern video games are generated in 3D. This means only minor changes are needed to ensure that a huge number of video games can be displayed on 3D TV. It is going to be difficult to create TV programmes in three dimensions. Some popular directors are irking on 3D movies. There are current developments on a software that seeks to convert 2D video into 3D images. This software is still being developed to clear out grey areas. A version of the software has been fully developed and it works well on any type of hardware that is available. It has been tested on a laptop with success. Nobody is sure how 3D TV will work especially with regards to the programme creation and compatibility issues. But one thing is certain, it is coming and will be a reality in the near future.

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